Top 10 Declaimer

The top 10 list provided by is not permanent, it may change anytime without any prior information.

The top 10 list provided by the organization is based on the knowledge and research of the members of the organization.

The list of top 10s published by us can be something according to time and place, so you should check with yourself that you know the list of top 10 according to your time and location.

If any organization has any kind of loss from the list of top 10s published by us, then we are not responsible for this.

If you claim that your company/organization name should be in the list of  Top 10, then contact us with your proof, so that we can publish the correct names in the next publication.

Even after contacting you, we do not guarantee that we will put your company or organization name in the top 10 list, first of all, check that the top 10 list is made on which scale, if that scale According to you claim yourself in the top 10 list, we will consider it in the next publication.