Top 10 sector for startups

Different sectors have  different opportunity and in time to time and country by country the opportunity of sectors changes. The opportunity of different sectors mainly depends on the conditions of the government rules and environment conditions. Yes i have seen lot of startups. Sectors Opportunity 1. Medical This is one of the core fields where … Read more

Top 10 quality of Founders

Founders is the supreme level post of any company,Under the guidelines of founder any company is running.So it is assumed that the founder should have the supreme quality. In this article i am going to mention some of the top quality of any founders. 1. Leadership quality: You have good leadership quality,You know you are … Read more

Top 10 reasons,why most startup fails.

Everyone want to become a successful entrepreneur and everyone want to succeed in his/her  own startup company. But the reality is entirely different and as the past history shows only 10% of the the startup company is able to succeed and in 10% succeed startups 9% flops within 5 years. As data shows the success … Read more