Top 10 Fundamental Analysis tools and techniques of stock market

The most important things which every investor and trader should know is fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis will give you the core understanding of the company in which you are going to invest of trade.So here is the top 10 fundamental analysis concepts which you all have to follow. Points Explanation 1. What the Company is … Read more

Top 10 Managements Book for 2021

Management plays a very important role in every part of life. The management is not important only for the company but it is also important for living your life happily. So to learning life happily is really very important so you must have to steal your time and read this management books. These books will help … Read more

Top 10 Business Books which you should read

I definitely assure you one things that if you read books regularly your success rate   increased by 100%. But how i will say you after reading this 10 books. Books Author 1.  Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill 2. Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices Peter Drucker 3. Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies … Read more

Top countries for doing business in 2021

As of the 2019 report of Worlds Bank, these are the top 10 countries from where you should start your business. Countries Opportunity 1. New Zealand In New Zealand starting a business only takes a few hours for an entrepreneur. The time taken is only simple online form fill procedure. 2. Singapore The country has … Read more