Advertise With Us

If you have a brand, product or service that would be a good fit for our audience, we’d love to help spread it. The offers a variety of digital advertising opportunities that actually works!

We provide the following type of advertising features to our client:

Banner Advertisement – Your Company’s banner will be displayed on our site and will be linked to your website where the user can check out your products and services.

Recommended Banner Size: 125*125, 300*250, 728*90.

These features will help in your brand promotion and an increase in sales as our users came across your company’s name each time they visit us. As a result, it will generate top of mind brand recall, which will affect the buying behavior of the customer.

We have also come up with the Coupon distribution services, especially for service providers. The process will be simple and effective. We are conducting various online and offline events for our users. We will include your company’s coupon in our prize distribution. To redeem the coupon, they have to use your services which will increase the customer base of your company.

If you’re a company or brand that’s interested in working with us on to create an effective campaign, have pricing related doubts or just want to pick our brain on how we’d go about the marketing, you’re welcome to Contact Us

Note: Only Company or Organization is Allowed to Advertise with Us.